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February 15, 2013 / weblium

Real estate industry and the long tail keywords

There is a fierce competition to rank well in the real estate field.
The authority websites such as Trulia, or, are leading the market, leaving no chance for small real estate agents to rank their website on Google for their preferred keyword.
So, what is to do ?
Not much really, however, there is a way to be found on the search engines if you use long tail keywords.
For example, if you are trying to be found just for the keyword “mansions” or “mansions for sale”, the chance will be very small that, your website will ever rank for these type of short keywords, instead you could use keywords such as : “mansions for sale in dallas usa” or “photos of mansions for sale in arizona”
and so on.
The longer the keyword is the more chances are that your website is going to be found.
You don’t have to optimize your website just for the home page, but for each and every sub page you have, and for those sub-pages, use the long tail keywords.
Also, think what people are searching when they want to find a home for sale or for rent.
They also use in their search specific names, areas, districts.
You can add these as well to your keywords list.
On example could be : “mansion for sale near lake and woods” or perhaps, “mansion for sale with river views”, and so on. You get the idea.
The shorter the keyword is, the more chances are that the authority real estate sites will outrank you.
So keep the real estate keywords long, and create various pages for various long keywords.

January 30, 2013 / weblium

Ad Exchange adBrite To Shut Down On Feb. 1

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Ad exchange adBrite told partners today that it will be shutting down on Feb. 1.

A couple of TechCrunch readers sent us copies of the emails that went out to adBrite publishers and advertisers. Here’s the advertiser version:

Dear adBrite Advertiser,

Over the last few weeks, adBrite and its management have been evaluating the go-forward plan for the business. Given market conditions and certain financial liabilities, in working with our lenders, we have decided to cease operations on Feb 1, 2013.

This is a difficult decision for all of us at adBrite. However, after much deliberation this seems to be the best course of action despite the impact it will have on all the employees, clients and partners who helped build this business. There will be a team in place as needed to assist with winding down your campaign, and final reporting and invoicing.

Thank you for being part of…

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January 18, 2013 / weblium

New Websites and the Backlinking Strategies

The backlink strategy that works, is not such a new trendy keyword. It has been used by different bloggers along the years.
Frankly I’m not so sure there is “a” backlinking strategy that really works. Some strategies are good for some time, but when Google comes with a new algorithm change an he does that often, all the strategies are changing.
Is true some thinsg within the strategy are not changing.
For example, backlinks must and should always be a reference in Google’s ranking algorithm, domain age also.
Page relevance also must be in Google’s algorithm, however what I think is changing with each update is the way of linking.
One can’t just get thousands of backlinks with the keyword within the anchor and expect to get no. 1 in Serps.
Also the quality of the links matter most. Thousands and thousands of low value links won’t help much your site, especially if you are in a highly competitive market.
When starting a new website, the first thing a webmaster is thinking, is where do I get backlinks from.
What should my backlinking strategy should be ?
Well, the first steps of a newly built website are always difficult.
The only way a new website can get backlinks is via articles directories, web directories, press releases.
Also, a valuble backlink is the one from Yahoo Directory, and Google’s.
After, few months, when your domian has already some authority, you can go for link exchange.
Also commenting on other people blogs or forums, can help your ranking.
When commenting on other blogs, with the sole purpose of getting backlinks, try to make sense, and not just spam the posts with one liners such us “hey great….”.
Here are backlinking strategies and here :  that I found to work. I’ve tried a lot of them but only these ones and the ones similar to these, are the ones that make sense.
I’ll say this again: with each Google’s update, make sure to keep from your linking strategy, what it works. The rest, just change or improve. Is the way you make your backlinking that matters most.

March 21, 2012 / weblium

Article marketing as a Marketing Strategy

Those who are doing business online would definitely know the importance of SEO in their operations. Without it, an online business will not have the traffic that it needs to create sales and customers. SEO can help a business attract more clients and visitors to their business website. This also makes a website more visible creating more opportunities to generate income for the business.
In performing SEO, one will need different tools to make it work online. These tools include the likes of articles, blogs, social media, press releases and many more. The most commonly used among these is the articles. The articles are being submitted to article directories so that it will get indexed by the serch engines. If these are searched and read, the reader can then click on the link included in the article to lead them to the business website. This is mainly the procedure done when using SEO articles.
However, some experts say that using this is not really in high demand these days. There are many other strategies being used these days and others say that SEO articles are already obsolete when it comes to the modern styles of online marketing. But for those who are making money out of these articles for their business, it is still the best tool to use for online marketing. SEO articles will still work wonders for an online business and this is proven as many online businesses have instantly become successful because of this strategy. And until now, articles are still being used by tons of online businesses.
So, what can these SEO articles provide for the business? These keyword rich articles can create backlinks from article directories and social media sites. This will give the business more exposure and better visibility over the internet. It creates interest among the users regarding the topic or subject of the content. It will also create a connection between the readers and the business website. This is actually the a very wasy way to get clients visit your website. Using articles is limitless; so a business will have lots of chances to become visible in the internet as long as they keep creating fresh and relevant contents.
It is easy to find people who are good with SEO writing nowadays. There are even web service companies that can provide businesses with these. SEO companies even provide packages wherein articles will be provided along with the SEO services. The business owner may opt to hire a writer for their contents and then outsource the SEO services from an expert company. Or they can just get the package wherein everything will be provided by the web service company. As long as the articles are created to be SEO-friendly and the methods are performed correctly, the online business will surely get the results that they wanted. It is just important for the business owner to hire the most reliable experts around to get the best results for their business.
March 17, 2012 / weblium

What are Inbound Links or Backlinks

Inbound links, also referred to as backlinks, perform a vital part in internet search engine optimization. The greater number of inbound links you’ve got, the more well-known your internet site is. Backlinks are crucial for SEO due to the fact that search engines like Google offer additional credit score to those internet sites having a large number of top quality inbound links, and think of them as worth more than the others. Spreading your posts on social networking sites and publishing on discussion boards are among the ideal ways to obtain related inbound links.

Top quality Inbound links? Search engines like Google figure out the significance of a inbound link depending on quite a few factors, such as the credibility of the website backlinking to you. In the event that the two internet sites have got written content focused in the direction of a particular topic, the inbound weblink is regarded as related. Respected inbound links are extremely precious. Search engines like Google have got rigorous guidelines concerning the relevance of the website link textual content that you’ll be likely to make use of.

Whenever determining the importance of a web site to a specific search term, Google takes into account the amount of top quality inbound links directed to that particular website. Inbound links which come from internet websites with very poor written content and lower google page rank may damage you eventually. Obtaining a inbound link coming from a web site with high google page rank gives importance to the website link. It really is preferable to have a couple of back links from well known websites than countless inbound links from lower raking internet sites. Techniques for getting Inbound links The most effective methods for getting backlinks would be to be involved in the community. Posting comments on blogs and forums and responding to queries will assist you to create a robust online reputation and acquire authority. You can obtain high quality inbound links by publishing on discussion boards, social media sites, video sites, weblogs, and Questions and Answers websites. Internet directories are extremely beneficial to people who find themselves attempting to advertise their business online and acquire related inbound links. Distributing your site to web directories is just about the most crucial method of backlink building. Website owners could decide among countless paid and free web directories. If you wish to acquire top quality inbound links, submit your internet site or weblog to internet directories with higher Google page rank. You’ll want to take into account utilizing article promotion as well. Creating good quality content articles will assist you to create dedicated audience and also acquire organic backlinks to your website.

Publishing press announcements is an additional method of getting natural inbound links aimed at your website. An expertly created pr release can easily attract 100s and in some cases 1000s of website visitors within hrs. Your backlink building strategy also needs to concentrate on guest submitting, exchanging links, and writing a blog.

March 8, 2012 / weblium

Does Site Age Impact Position ? The Real Tale

Does Site Age Impact Position ? The Real Tale Among several other variables within Google’s search engine formula certainly is the chronilogical age of web site. Age a domain name indicates durability and for that reason a higher relevancy score in the search engines.

Influenced by spammy web sites which often seem and disseaper rapidly, the age of the actual website name could be a indication whether or not a website is the past’s information or future favorite website. We see this in the world, for instance. While the uniqueness that may go with a brand new retailer around provides a brief burst open associated with initial business, folks are inclined to have self-confidence in business which was around for an prolonged period more than one that is completely new. This is also true for web sites. A couple of things which are significantly regarded as inside the chronilogical age of a domain name tend to be:

The age of the website How long a domain name has been documented The age of your website within the eyes of the search engine it means: just how long the content might have been actually on the internet, just how long the website appears to have been in promotion, as well as the last period information appeared to be updated. The amount of time a domain name has been registered is measured by not simply the precise date the actual site had been authorized, but additionally only for how long it’s authorized (12 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years…) with regard to. A few domains only sign up for 12 months at any given time, while others are authorized for just two, five, or even 10 years. One way Google employs to lessen internet search engine spam is actually by handing new websites a waiting period associated with three to four months just before creating any kind of PageRank. This is termed as the actual “sandbox effect”. It’s known as the actual “sandbox effect” since it is stated which Search engines wants to find out if those sites are serious in relation to remaining on the web. The sand box instance originates from the concept The search engines do this thing through tossing all the brand new websites right into a sand box as well as let them perform together with one another, faraway from each of the grown ups. Then, whenever those new websites “grow up”, as they say, then they be permitted to be categorized with the “adults”, or even the internet sites that are not regarded as new. Just what does this imply to you? For anyone along with brand new websites, you could be annoyed with this information, try not to be concerned. There are specific stuff that can be achieved when looking toward the sand box period to run out, for example concentrating on your backlink methods, promoting your website via article directories, RSS feeds, or utilizing different ways. Often, should you devote this particular sandbox time period wisely, you’ll be being prepared for Google as soon as it heats up and does lastly allocate you a PageRank, therefore you could be starting out having a great Pr! Although the domain’s grow older is a problem, experts consider it just gets to be a small fat within the Search engine algorithm. Because chronilogical age of your own domain name is a thing you have no control of, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that the website won’t position within the actual Search results Pages approximately called SERPs. Nevertheless it could imply you will likely have to work tougher to be able to increase your website popularity and completely focus on aspects that you could handle, link one way links and the kind of content you existing in your web page. Will Domain Age Matter for SEO?

So what occurs if you improve your website name? Can this mean you’ll get the lowest grade with a search engine in case you have a new website? No, not necessarily. There are a few actions you are able to consider ensure that your website will not wander off in the Search page results as a result of chronilogical age of the actual website name.

One. Be sure you register your own domain name for the longest time period possible. Quite a few registrars let you purchase a domain name for as lengthy as 5 years, plus some a lot longer. Signing up your own domain for a longer length of time gives an indication that your site intends to be around for many years, and isn’t going to just vanish after a couple of several weeks. This can aid boost your rating in terms of your own domain’s age.

Two. Consider registering your own domain name before being sure you are likely to need it. We have seen several domains available that although they are registered, they do not have an on the internet existence to enhance this. This could imply the web site is in improvement, or simply someone noticed the effective use of which specific domain name, as well as wanted to snap it up up before another person might. There does not appear to be any kind of problems with this method until now, therefore it definitely can’t damage you to purchase a domain name you believe could be appealing, even if you find yourself just selling this in the future.

Three. Think about purchasing a domain name which in fact had already been certainly pre-owned. Not only will it permit you to steer clear of the “sandbox effect” of the brand new website in the search engines, it also allows you to retain regardless of what Page ranking might have previously been assigned to the actual domain. Be aware that nearly all pre-owned domains along with PageRank aren’t because low-priced as a brand new site, however it could be well worth the whilst to you to invest a little more money from the start.Keep track of your own domain’s grow older. An effective way you can determine the age of a domain name is by using this particular invaluable Site Age Device: What it really does is actually enables you to see the approx . age of an internet site , which may be very useful in figuring out exactly what advantage your competition may have over you, as well as just what a website might have looked like if this first started. To make use of it, simply enter in the URL of your own domain and the Web addresses of the rivals, after which click on submit. This will pgive the chronilogical age of the domain names as well as other helpful info, such as something that continues to be cached from the website initially. This could be particularly helpful if you are purchasing a pre-owned domain name.Due to the fact that reliable websites are likely to be the approaching trend, purchasing the age of a website is advisable. There are lots of additional factors that should be considered in the search engine’s formula rather than just a particular element alone. The items I can say for several is the fact that I have seen the age of domain names becoming of more significance then it used to be previously, there are actually just good things to become stated regarding having a website that’s been contained in the search engines for some time.


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